How to install Windows 10 on Android Tablet


We all are fairly well informed about the android tablet devices available in market, which are usually have a bigger screen with similar user interface that of an android phone with same version of operating system. Tablet devices have bigger display required to give user a better view for working and entertainment like as you experience on desktop or laptop PCs. As platform android OS is itself is enough for user to get a useful access over the media and works. But if you are more comfortable using a windows platform that would be a heck of job to get familiar with new operating system.This seems to be an issue but don’t worry because it not.

One can easily install latest windows 10 operating which is getting quite a reputation among desktops and laptops on their tablets also. Windows 10 is the latest products provided by Microsoft in the genre of operating systems. It is quite an easy operating system which supports touch screen laptops and tablets. Hence, all you need to do is, follow some step to make it happen and install Windows 10 on your android tablet.  Here in this article we will be discussing about the all the thing you will need to install Windows 10 on you phone. So, let’s get start

For installing Windows 10 on your android tablets all you need is the obvious things  such as desktop PC or laptop, Android tablet, USB cable, Change my software, high speed internet connection, some prior time.


Steps to follow

·         Firstly, you need to do is, go to Settings, by opening drop down menu of the device interface and click on gear icon.

·         Allow USB debugging by going to Developer options in the settings. By making this change your PC will be allowed to change android options when connected to desktop.

·         Now, download “Change My Software” on your PC for completing rest of the changes converting your android to Windows 10.

·         Now, establish a connection between android tablet and your PC by a USB cable.

·         Open “Change My Software” when your android is connected with your PC.

·         Click on Android in the GUI of the software and select Window 10 for installing it on you tablet.

·         Now, select continue for installation process.

·         Select options of language you are choosing and other customized options.

·         Once all the driver required will be downloaded and then the installation will take place.

·         You can also remove or keep the android version with it as you can choose among both of the OS while booting the device.

·         Wait for a while as it takes a time to complete the installation process.

·         When, all the required things be done your device will restart automatically.

·         Now the device will be showing user interface of Windows 10 instead of android-based operating system.

You can also do the reverse of the process by installing android instead of windows by using same approach.