How To Boost WiFi Speed On Android

Sometimes the wifi does not gives the expected speed as we wanted and it shows and we can experience the slow speed of internet while accessing the wifi. The speed is dependent on the connection of the wifi and mobile network performance.So there are some tricks with the help of them you will able able to boost up the Wifi speed on Android. But for that you will be need to increase the speed of your phone.

There is no use of your smartphone without the internet and sometimes it became quite boring because of the low speed of internet.But i some countries you can’t expect much speed of internet. There are some more ways with the help of them you can increase the speed of your Internet connection. If you want to play some of the Android games, like clash of clans mod, 8 ball pool then you may be require high speed Internet connection. The speed of internet is basically dependent on your mobile networks ,processor and RAM speed if you run through them the internet.You have to follow some steps to increase the speed of internet

To speed up your ANDROID PHONE either by doing some manual actions or by using apps which can directly speed it up:-


This app increases the mobile network speed as well as measures its speed in the meantime.

Following steps should be followed:-

  1. Your HOME WIFI CONNECTION’S CHANNEL should be cleaned up.
  1. Choose the best network among CELLULAR NET and WIFI.
  1. Try not to exceed your DATA LIMIT.

Wifi Analyzer

It is basically used as the Wifi analyzer tool. It helps to analyze the wifi and mobile internet Which allows the user to increase the speed of the WiFi and Mobile network speed.

Features Of WiFi Analyzer

  • It shows the information and the strength of wifi signal
  • It also has the different boost mode of the network which help the user to get good place.

You can easily test the speed of your internet connection.There are lots of application and speed test are available that helps you to test the speed of Internet even you are on Wifi Connection or Any Mobile Network.It tries you to give the best estimation of your internet speed. It shows the uploads and download speed of the internet.But after testing the speed the results were Download Speed was more as compared to Upload Speed.But after streaming the online video on many sites like Youtube. It was not much upto the level of which the results of Speed Test was as we got to know there were some difference in the speed results and the browsing speed.

                                                                is the website which provides the facility to check the download speed of the internet.It gives the best result of speed test

The founder of the OOKLA was founded in the year 2006 by a short team for giving the best internet speed test of the android device. It was founded by Ziff Davis

 It is available in many different languages like English,Dutch,Portuguese,French, Spanish,Russian,Italian,Polish and many more.

For that you just have to visit the website and then tap “Begin Test” then the process of speed test will be start and later it show the results in graphical manner.It is founded by  Ookla in the year 2006 in SEATTLE,WASHINGTON.Ookla is one the bestest app for Android for Speed Testing .It takes the help of custom protocol for establishing an effective communication between servers and clients.

Congratulations,Now you know How to Boost Your WiFi speed on Android