How to use Two Numbers on GB WhatsApp


There is a simple trick to use two numbers on GB WhatsApp for Android devices. We will discuss that below in the guide section of the using two numbers on GB WhatsApp for Android devices. GB WhatsApp is the modded version of the official WhatsApp Messenger which does not conflict with the official WhatsApp messenger for Android devices.

GB WhatsApp offers in various extra privacy and security features along with customization and tweaks in the Android version. In this article will talk about a simple trick to use two different numbers in WhatsApp for Android devices or this also called using dual WhatsApp in GB WhatsApp for Android devices. Head down to the guide section to successfully use two numbers in WhatsApp messenger for Android devices.

The trick to using two numbers on GB WhatsApp for Android devices:

Use this following trick to use two numbers in GB WhatsApp for Android devices.

  1. First, you need to install official version of the WhatsApp Messenger in your Android devices. you can download it from the below-provided link or you can also download from Google Play Store. – Download GBWhatsApp
  2. Once you download the official version of the WhatsApp Messenger, set it up the app using the first phone number in it.
  3. Once its done, go to the link provided below using your Android web browser to download the GB WhatsApp in your Android device.
  4. One star GB WhatsApp website opens up download the apk file of the GB WhatsApp using the web browser of your Android device.
  5. Once the apk file of the GB WhatsApp gets downloaded in your Android devices, locate the apk file on the download tab of the web browser which you use to download the apk file of the GB WhatsApp. You can also look at the file using your file manager from the Android device into the downloads folder of your internal memory.

  1. Now select the apk file to install it in your Android device.
  2. You may get the prompt to install apps from unknown sources in case you haven’t previously enabled it in the Android device from the device settings.
  3. Wait for few moments to get the GB WhatsApp installed in your Android device.
  4. Now once the GB WhatsApp gets installed in your Android device you can locate it in the app list of your Android device.
  5. Now launch the GB WhatsApp from the app list of your Android device and set it up with the second number.
  6. After the setup is done you can use both the WhatsApp in the same Android device without conflicting with each other with two different numbers in your Android device.
  7. Now you can easily use two numbers in GB WhatsApp for Android devices by using this trick.

Download Link >> WhatsApp Messenger for Android Devices.

Download Link >> GB WhatsApp Messenger for Android Devices.


We have researched on the internet about using the dual WhatsApp in the same device. We have provided the best possible trick to use dual WhatsApp or using two numbers in GB WhatsApp. Share this article with another Android user so that they can also use two numbers in the GB WhatsApp in their Android devices.


The Secret of Cng Activa Cost in Delhi Nobody Is Talking About

Cng Activa Cost in Delhi Explained

The answer largely is dependent upon which side of the fence you’re on. A kit which will not incorporate these high mileage motorcycles won’t really do much superior Fair point. One of the absolute most affordable way of transportation today is a scooter. Yes it is wholly possible. Here is what we found out. On the flip side, if you’re a private scooter owner and apply the very same for almost all your travelling needs, the CNG Activa kit is a viable alternative. In fact it’s already being used.

So far as maintenance costs are involved, the provider claims that the CNG equipped scooters want to adhere to precisely the same service intervals as its petrol derivative. Honda Activa CNG Price will count on the kit you’re going to purchase. It’s available on the market and the dealer is going to do the fitting for you on your Activa or some other scooter that you possess. It’s altered with the most recent trends. Honda Activa popularity is rising day by day.

CNG is among the absolute most environment-friendly fuels when compared with conventional fuels because it doesn’t have any impurities like sulphur or lead and is safe as it is lighter than air and rises up in case of leakage. A nascent offering that everybody is curious about, we chose to take a CNG equipped scooter for a ride, in this instance, the Honda Activa 3G, in an effort to seek answers. 1 kg CNG allows you to travel 120 km and the cost of the exact same is 37.

Cng Activa Cost in Delhi – What Is It?

While consider in real-life scenario, you won’t ever secure whole tank since there are pressure of CNG Pump matters. In real life when compared, you won’t ever get the total tank as there’s a pressure of CNG pump. It’s also economical when compared to conventional fuels. Diesel is less expensive than petrol but petrol cars are less costly than diesel ones. Having said this, the engine is comparatively quiet for a diesel unit. CNG-powered vehicles have existed for a while now, with a few manufactures offering conversion kits right from the factory, and several more aftermarket options too. At first, it’s really tough to distinguish the conventional scooter from that of the CNG derivative.

You simply need to do an aftermarket fitment. The kits are absolutely much like the ones found on cars, and enable you to choose between both CNG and petrol choices. All the kits which will be sold shall be accepted by the ARAI itself. On the other hand, the CNG kit is not only about being frugal, it’s also about protecting the surroundings. We will attempt to review other CNG kits also which are offered on the market.

On a customer spec model, however, it is going to be difficult to know the exact same. On a customer spec model, however, it will be difficult to be aware of the exact same. This is largely on account of the sporty design, fantastic engine with impressive mileage. The features will also stay same. A tiny lockable opening at the front part of the panel provides you with accessibility to the CNG fuel gauge. There is it gives you access to the CNG fuel gauge. There’s enough space below the seat together with in the front area for storage.

How to install Windows 10 on Android Tablet


We all are fairly well informed about the android tablet devices available in market, which are usually have a bigger screen with similar user interface that of an android phone with same version of operating system. Tablet devices have bigger display required to give user a better view for working and entertainment like as you experience on desktop or laptop PCs. As platform android OS is itself is enough for user to get a useful access over the media and works. But if you are more comfortable using a windows platform that would be a heck of job to get familiar with new operating system.This seems to be an issue but don’t worry because it not.

One can easily install latest windows 10 operating which is getting quite a reputation among desktops and laptops on their tablets also. Windows 10 is the latest products provided by Microsoft in the genre of operating systems. It is quite an easy operating system which supports touch screen laptops and tablets. Hence, all you need to do is, follow some step to make it happen and install Windows 10 on your android tablet.  Here in this article we will be discussing about the all the thing you will need to install Windows 10 on you phone. So, let’s get start

For installing Windows 10 on your android tablets all you need is the obvious things  such as desktop PC or laptop, Android tablet, USB cable, Change my software, high speed internet connection, some prior time.


Steps to follow

·         Firstly, you need to do is, go to Settings, by opening drop down menu of the device interface and click on gear icon.

·         Allow USB debugging by going to Developer options in the settings. By making this change your PC will be allowed to change android options when connected to desktop.

·         Now, download “Change My Software” on your PC for completing rest of the changes converting your android to Windows 10.

·         Now, establish a connection between android tablet and your PC by a USB cable.

·         Open “Change My Software” when your android is connected with your PC.

·         Click on Android in the GUI of the software and select Window 10 for installing it on you tablet.

·         Now, select continue for installation process.

·         Select options of language you are choosing and other customized options.

·         Once all the driver required will be downloaded and then the installation will take place.

·         You can also remove or keep the android version with it as you can choose among both of the OS while booting the device.

·         Wait for a while as it takes a time to complete the installation process.

·         When, all the required things be done your device will restart automatically.

·         Now the device will be showing user interface of Windows 10 instead of android-based operating system.

You can also do the reverse of the process by installing android instead of windows by using same approach.


How To Boost WiFi Speed On Android

Sometimes the wifi does not gives the expected speed as we wanted and it shows and we can experience the slow speed of internet while accessing the wifi. The speed is dependent on the connection of the wifi and mobile network performance.So there are some tricks with the help of them you will able able to boost up the Wifi speed on Android. But for that you will be need to increase the speed of your phone.

There is no use of your smartphone without the internet and sometimes it became quite boring because of the low speed of internet.But i some countries you can’t expect much speed of internet. There are some more ways with the help of them you can increase the speed of your Internet connection. If you want to play some of the Android games, like clash of clans mod, 8 ball pool then you may be require high speed Internet connection. The speed of internet is basically dependent on your mobile networks ,processor and RAM speed if you run through them the internet.You have to follow some steps to increase the speed of internet

To speed up your ANDROID PHONE either by doing some manual actions or by using apps which can directly speed it up:-


This app increases the mobile network speed as well as measures its speed in the meantime.

Following steps should be followed:-

  1. Your HOME WIFI CONNECTION’S CHANNEL should be cleaned up.
  1. Choose the best network among CELLULAR NET and WIFI.
  1. Try not to exceed your DATA LIMIT.

Wifi Analyzer

It is basically used as the Wifi analyzer tool. It helps to analyze the wifi and mobile internet Which allows the user to increase the speed of the WiFi and Mobile network speed.

Features Of WiFi Analyzer

  • It shows the information and the strength of wifi signal
  • It also has the different boost mode of the network which help the user to get good place.

You can easily test the speed of your internet connection.There are lots of application and speed test are available that helps you to test the speed of Internet even you are on Wifi Connection or Any Mobile Network.It tries you to give the best estimation of your internet speed. It shows the uploads and download speed of the internet.But after testing the speed the results were Download Speed was more as compared to Upload Speed.But after streaming the online video on many sites like Youtube. It was not much upto the level of which the results of Speed Test was as we got to know there were some difference in the speed results and the browsing speed.

                                                                is the website which provides the facility to check the download speed of the internet.It gives the best result of speed test

The founder of the OOKLA was founded in the year 2006 by a short team for giving the best internet speed test of the android device. It was founded by Ziff Davis

 It is available in many different languages like English,Dutch,Portuguese,French, Spanish,Russian,Italian,Polish and many more.

For that you just have to visit the website and then tap “Begin Test” then the process of speed test will be start and later it show the results in graphical manner.It is founded by  Ookla in the year 2006 in SEATTLE,WASHINGTON.Ookla is one the bestest app for Android for Speed Testing .It takes the help of custom protocol for establishing an effective communication between servers and clients.

Congratulations,Now you know How to Boost Your WiFi speed on Android